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Always here for you

Once you have received your loan, our customer services team are on hand to help if you have any questions or experience any difficulties.


Need to talk to us

Simply call 01923 750 777

Update your details

We need to have up to date personal details for you, in case we need to contact you. If you change telephone numbers, please contact our customer services team, so that we can update our records.

You also need to contact our customer services team if you change your bank account details, so that we can continue to process your repayments smoothly.

If there is a change to your personal circumstances which could affect your ability to repay your loan, please contact our customer services team on 01923 750 777 or by email at customerservices@clearlyloans.co.uk.

Early settlement

You are entitled to pay back your loan in full whenever you wish and can request a settlement figure at any time during the term of the loan. Early repayment charges may apply. Check your regulated mortgage contract or mortgage offer for details.

You can also make a lump sum partial repayment of the amount you owe. If you wish to do this you should write to us to let us know. Upon receipt of the payment, we will recalculate the amount of your monthly instalments.

We would expect you to repay your loan early if you were selling your property or remortgaging with another mortgage provider.

To request a settlement figure, please contact our customer services team.

Further advances

If you’re considering some home improvements, buying a new car or wish to consolidate some debt and you’ve had an account with us for more than twelve months, we may be able to offer you a further advance on your existing loan from Clearly Loans.

Help with repayments

We’re here to help. So, if you think you may have difficulty meeting your payments in the coming months, please call us right away on 01923 750 777 or email us at customerservices@clearlyloans.co.uk.

The most important thing is to get in contact with us. If we are aware of your situation, we may be able to help.

If you are having financial difficulties related to the coronavirus pandemic, Clearly Loans can offer you a mortgage payment holiday. Please be aware that deferred payments will have to be paid in the future. Contact Clearly Loans customer services for more information.

Other things you can do

If you are experiencing difficulties, then as well as contacting us you should think about seeking independent free advice from organisations such as Citizens Advice, StepChange or the Money Advice Service.

You should also check whether you are entitled to any state benefits or tax credits. Visit www.direct.gov.uk for more information.

If you have lost your job and have an insurance policy, check whether it covers you for loss of income.

Re-organise your personal finances

If you are having trouble meeting your payments or just want to get a better handle on where your money goes every month, why not complete our simple income and expenditure form. The picture often becomes clearer if you write everything down.

The completed form should make it clear if you need to cut back in certain areas or adjust your spending in other ways.

Download our income & expenditure form.